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Ives Quartet concerts are possible because of YOUR generosity!

Gifts such as yours help pay for more than half of the Ives Quartet expenses, so we may provide our audience with extraordinary concerts and memorable music at affordable prices.

YOUR generous gift touches many lives.

In 2012-13, over 2,500 patrons enjoyed concert and salon performances locally, in Palo Alto, San Jose and San Francisco, as well as in other California communities where we were delighted to be guest artists. Our school concert programs, in partnership with Music for Minors, reached over 3,500 students, ages 5-14, introducing them to the joys of live music. IQ’s educational outreach program to under-served schools reached an additional 500 students. We also performed for seniors with mobility issues who enjoyed our concerts at local residences and community centers.

We highlight these activities and accomplishments as a way of sharing with you how your annual tax-deductible gift has such an important impact on so many members of our community.

As a patron of the arts, we believe that you belong to an exceptional group of people who are instrumental in maintaining music in our community. We invite you to support this special 15th anniversary year by clicking on the DONATE button at the top of the page.

Thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support.

Bettina, Susan, Jodi and Stephen


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